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HR Platform

HR-platformEasier HR is better. And better HR is now easier.

Making your business easier and more powerful.

Our HR platform streamlines and simplifies all-things HR. Both employees and managers benefit from our cloud-based platform which includes mobile friendly user apps for employees and a simple, easy to use dashboard for management. The platform is designed to enable performance engagement initiatives and take the complexity out of the process. So, employees and administrators are more likely to participate in things like new policies, goal setting and alignment, learning, competency management and performance reviews.

Unify your business, simplify your process.

Why have a separate niche software for employee records, another for payroll, one for time and attendance, performance initiatives, employee communication, etc. Stop the insanity… Our all-in-one platform unites every aspect of HR and talent management and compensation in a single unified solution. One login and a common workflow save serious time and hassle.

One solution is superior.

Become strategic and tactical.

A single source of truth for your unique company. One set of data set with powerful analytic
tools that turns raw metrics into actionable insights— enables you to better understand, manage and maximize your workforce. With HCM, all employee information is natively stored in a single repository. That lets administrators easily view and analyze data and make better
decisions (and predictions) than ever before possible. With HCM, HR departments become data-driven and more of a strategic contributor to growth and profitability.

All employee information is natively stored in a single repository. Administrators can easily view and analyze data and make better decisions. You will become data-driven, more strategic with a better focus on growth and profitability.

Here are just some of the things you’ll be able to do:

  • Employee Self-Service
    • Give employees access to accrual and PTO data, enter time and attendance, enroll in and see benefits, changed tax withholding, and access pay stubs online anytime and anywhere.
  • Employee Management
    • Maintain accurate and accessible records for every employee. Manage salary, benefits status and history. Ensure compliance, increase employee engagement, track participation and share data between all departments. Track certifications and training while also managing performance reviews. Track disciplinary offense and manage remediation or termination.
  • Training
    • Track mandated training requirements
    • Make promotion decisions
    • ROI on costs associated with training, including actual cost of time away from work
  • Awards, Education, and Company Assets
    • These items are all configurable for you to create a drop-down menu of selections that you can select for each employee. Awards might assist you in tracking employee of the month, while the education portion could be for continuing education or even job-specific education needed. Company assets allows you to track items given to employees, such as company vehicles, keys, and even laptops.
  • Payroll